by Ben Lo | 3:13 am

My Italki Review – From a Student and a Teacher’s Perspective

Hi readers, I have been using italki since June 2017, so it has been around 18 months now. Italki is an online language learning website where you can have one on one tutoring with

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by Ben Lo | 2:18 am

HSK Level 1 Vocabulary – 150 Words that You Should Be Familiar With

In this post, I would like to share HSK level 1 vocabulary list with you. You should get yourself familiar with all the words on this list before taking the test. Not sure what

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by Ben Lo | 2:43 am

Five Famous Food That You Should Not Miss in Taiwan

Food in Taiwan has been known for its deliciousness. And of course, food in Taiwan can be the most delicious food in the world for the locals. If you have not tried it, you

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by Ben Lo | 12:42 am

What Is TOCFL – Taiwan’s Mandarin Chinese Proficiency Test

TOCFL stands for Test of Chinese as a foreign language (華語文能力測驗) and is Taiwan’s Mandarin Chinese proficiency test for non-native speakers of Chinese. TOCFL 2019 Schedule in Taiwan Note that you cannot take TOCFL

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by Ben Lo | 11:15 pm

What is HSK Test? – A General Introduction on HSK

HSK stands for Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (漢語水平考試) which can be translated as Chinese Proficiency Test. It is a standardized test of Standard Chinese language proficiency in China for non-native speakers. Please note that HSK

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by Ben Lo | 12:43 am

Chinese Chengyu, Idioms and Proverbs

You are probably very confused about the differences among Chinese Chengyu, idioms and proverbs. I am going to provide the definition of each one of them and some examples to further illustrate. Hope this

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by Ben Lo | 8:14 pm

Superstitions in Taiwan – Five Superstitions that I Find Interesting

Although we are living in a technological era, superstitions still play an important part in our daily life when it comes to what we can / cannot do. Below are five superstitions that I

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by Ben Lo | 3:43 am

Taiwanese Songs on Youtube – Three Songs that You Should Give it a Try

Hi readers, today I am going to present you three of my favorite Taiwanese songs. Note that not Chinese songs; it is Taiwanese songs. Learning Chinese in Taiwan will definitely expose you to some

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by Ben Lo | 5:32 pm

How to Type in Chinese with Pinyin – 7 Steps to Get Started

As you have been learning Chinese for a while to a certain level, are you curious how do native speakers type Chinese characters on their laptop or cellphone? Let me break it down and

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by Ben Lo | 6:29 am

Singing Competition in Taiwan – Jungle Voice

Are you learning Chinese and you love music a lot? If so, you should try this singing competition program in Taiwan – Jungle Voice. Not only will you be listening to all Chinese speaking

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