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Hi, everyone, my name is Ben. Welcome to Intensive Chinese website. Learning and teaching languages has been one of my great passion in life. And I would like to share some insight with you to help you learn Chinese more efficiently and effectively.

My Foreign Language Learning Journey

I am originally from Taiwan and now living in Alberta, Canada. My mother tongue is Mandarin, Chinese (Taiwan). I have been learning foreign languages since I was a high school student. So far, I have studied English, Japanese, French, Thai, German, Vietnamese and Korean.

Here are some language proficiency tests that I have taken so far.

2008.June.12 – DELF A2 (French)

2008.Dec.21 – TOFEL IBT 103 (English)

2009.May.13 – Goethe A2 (German)

2009.June.10 – DELF B1 (French)

2015.June.28 – TOEIC 975 (English)

2016. October – TOPIK 1 – 158/200 (Korean)

2016.Dec.21 – CU Thai B2 (Thai)

My Language Teaching Experience

I also have had some English, Chinese and Thai teaching experiences.

2010.May – 2011.May – Chinese teacher in Tacloban, the Philippines (Sacred Heart College)

2012.Jan – 2011 July – Chinese teacher in Bangkok, Thailand (Inlingua)

2015.June – 2016 June – English teacher in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Paihan Foreign Language)

2016.Mar – Present – Online Chinese Teacher on italki

If you are interested, feel free to check it out.

After watching my introduction, if you are interested in speaking Chinese, English or Thai with me on italki, feel free to contact me here

My Hobbies

In addiction to my fun language learning / teaching journey, I love traveling a lot as well. So far, i have visited China, Japan, South Korean, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

Love songs, especially Thai and Korean love songs, movies and books are some of my hobbies too.

The Goal Of This Website

As China is on the rise, lots of people are learning Chinese now. I hope this website can provide / share some useful information for you Chinese learners on your journey of learning Chinese. And hope everyone of you can reach the level that you set for yourself.

All the best,


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