Best Chinese Songs on Youtube
by Ben Lo | 10:57 pm

Today, I would like to share some of my favorite Chinese songs on YouTube. When I say “best”, it is my own standard and does not necessarily translate as “the most popular” ones. I am usually easily touched by love songs with lots of emotions. Let’s find out what songs are listed on my list.

鄭淳元 – 聽海

This song is a classic Chinese song. That is, most of Chinese people know this song. It was performed originally by Taiwanese singer A-Mei but Korean famous singer The One (鄭淳元) performed and interpreted it in his own way on “I Am A Singer”, a Chinese reality show (Season 3, 2015). In my opinion, he is always able to make his own performance very different from others, full of emotions and extremely sincere. Though Chinese is not his first language, he still manages to express the emotions perfectly. That is also a perfect example of “Music Is Beyond Borders.”.


闇鴻麟 – 我給的愛

I have been watching Jungle Voice for the past few months and this voice is my favorite on this singing competition. My favorite, not one of my favorite. His voice is just unbeatable and he is definitely a born to be signer. I am very looking forward to more of his songs. If you are interested in Jungle Voice and what other great songs from the program, you can also check this post out.


劉珂 – 我知道你很難過

Next, I would like to present 劉珂 performing this song in a Chinese singing competition “Sing! China” season 3. This song was originally sung by Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai. He also interpreted this old song in his very sincere way and deeply touched me.


萱萱 – 殘酷月光

This song was also performed in a Chinese singing competition “Sing! China” season 2. This song was originally performed by Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin. She interpreted this song with her very unique voices and got approvals from four judges unanimously.


鄭淳元 – 暗香

I would like to present you another song 《暗香》performed by The One (鄭淳元) simply because it made me feel so touched when I first listened to this song, full of emotions and surprises. Once again, you can still hear some unclear Chinese enunciation but his singing skills and strong emotions easily win my heart over.

The One 就是一位非常會唱歌的歌手。除此之外,聽他的歌就像在看一齣年度大戲,十分精彩。他總是在開頭緩緩道來,中間爆炸力十足,情感迸發一地,狂瀉不止,最後在深情中收尾,是每場層次都十分分明的表演。還沒認識The One的朋友,一定不能錯過他感染力十足的動人情歌,他的韓文歌也一樣是情歌中的經典,絕對不能錯過。

戴佩妮 – 賊

The last song that I would like to present is Thief performed Penny Tsai. I personally love the music video and the melody of the song. It is super addictive as well. I have not deleted this song from my playlist since I first listened to it. So give it a try if you have not listened to this great song.


Would Like to Listen to More?

So these five songs are my collection for this post. If you like them or have any comment, feel free to share with us below. If you want to know more about Chinese songs, please leave a comment below as well so that I can write a second post on this topic in the near future again.

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