by Ben Lo | 12:43 am

Chinese Chengyu, Idioms and Proverbs

You are probably very confused about the differences among Chinese Chengyu, idioms and proverbs. I am going to provide the definition of each one of them and some examples to further illustrate. Hope this

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by Ben Lo | 8:14 pm

Superstitions in Taiwan – Five Superstitions that I Find Interesting

Although we are living in a technological era, superstitions still play an important part in our daily life when it comes to what we can / cannot do. Below are five superstitions that I

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by Ben Lo | 8:44 pm

Chinese Red Envelopes – Some Facts You Should Know

Happy New Year 2019, readers, though the Chinese New Year has not really arrived yet. Photo credit: Solomom203 (Source: What’s A Red Envelope? A red envelope is also known as a red packet or

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