by Ben Lo | 6:49 pm

Duolingo & Memrise Review – Apps to Help You Learn Foreign Languages

Hi readers, I would like to share some thoughts of using foreign language learning apps – Duolingo and Memrise. As smart phones become more essential than ever before, people do not simply stick to

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Language Exchange
by Ben Lo | 6:14 pm

How to Find a Language Partner Online – on italki

Lots of people are looking for language exchange partners online to practice their speaking. Today, I would like to share my experience of how to use an online language learning platform italki to find

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by Ben Lo | 7:12 pm

Tips on Learning a Foreign Language -Three Different Phases

In this post, I would like to share some tips that I find extremely useful when I learn a foreign language. And I will divide this post into three main parts – tips for

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by Ben Lo | 3:13 am

My Italki Review – From a Student and a Teacher’s Perspective

Hi readers, I have been using italki since June 2017, so it has been around 18 months now. Italki is an online language learning website where you can have one on one tutoring with

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