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This article is for Chinese native speakers or advanced Chinese learners to know more about the different usage of words and phrases in both Taiwan and China.

Phrases Used in Daily Life

Taiwan China 英文 / 詞性
道地 地道 authentic (food/language)
學長姐/學弟妹 师兄/姐/弟/妹 seniors/juniors in school / university
衛生衣 秋衣 thermal under shirts
衛生褲 秋裤 thermal under pants
警察 公安 police
金融卡 银行卡 debit card/bank card
宵夜 夜霄 late night meal
薪水 工资 salary
不客氣、沒關係 没事 You are welcome/ It is ok
溫暖 暖和 warm

Food-Related Phrases

Taiwan China English translation
馬鈴薯 土豆 potato
番茄 西红柿 tomato
芭樂 番石榴 guava
奇異果 猕猴桃 kiwi (fruit)
鮪魚 金枪鱼 tuna
鮭魚 三文鱼 salmon
鳳梨 菠萝 pineapple
冰棒 冰棍 popsicle
泡麵 方便面 instant noodles

3C-Related Phrases

數位相機 数码相机 digital camera
網際網路 互联网 Internet
網路 网络 internet
雷射 激光 laser
硬碟 硬盘 hard disc
行動電源 充电宝 mobile power bank
電腦 计算器 computer
網咖 网吧 Internet cafe
單眼相機 单反相机 DSLR (digital single lens reflex camera)
軟體 软件 software

Travel-Related Phrases (transportation/accommodation/destination)

計程車 出租车 taxi
寮國 老挝 Laos
雪梨 悉尼 Sydney
司機 师傅 (taxi, bus) driver
單人房 单间 a single room
雙人房 标间 a double room
纜車 索道 cable car
服務生 服务员 server
儲值 充值 top-up
Subway 赛百味 Subway
公車 公交车 bus
搭計程車 打D/打的 take a taxi
飯店 酒店 hotel
廁所 卫生间 toilet
收據 小票 receipt



These are the phrases that I find very interesting and useful when I travel in China. Of course, as China has different regions (North, South and so on), this list does not necessarily cover all the differences. However, I hope this list serves as a reference when you are traveling to either Taiwan or China. Maybe you are interested in coming up with your own unique list. Also, for advanced Chinese learners, I would like to point out that there are still some differences in usage between Taiwan and China. These differences make Taiwan very Taiwanese and China very Chinese. I hope you all enjoy observing the differences. If you have had similar experiences of finding out the differences, feel free to leave a comment below and share what you observed with others. You all have a good one. See you next article.

If you would like to know more, check out this fun video to find out more.

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