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Hi readers, I have been using italki since June 2017, so it has been around 18 months now. Italki is an online language learning website where you can have one on one tutoring with native speakers online. I have fallen in love with this platform since day one as I never expected learning a foreign language can be so much fun. In the following paragraphs, I would like to share my opinions as a student and as a teacher respectively.

From a Student’s Perspective

My Korean Learning Journey

I have used italki to learn and practice my basic Korean with a few Korean native speakers. I enjoyed my Korean lessons a lot and did not expect that learning Korean can be so much fun (If you have studied Korean before, you will know their grammar is crazy). I usually learn a foreign language in an old-fashioned way. That is, teachers teach grammar and vocabulary in front of the classroom and we students do not really get a chance to speak up, not to mention communication and interaction with teachers. I have studied my Korean on italki for about four months and stopped after I took my Korean language proficiency test TOPIK II. It has been a great journey. I struggled a lot speaking Korean at first and built up my confident after a while and also felt a great a sense of achievement when I was able to finish complete and correct sentences and expressed myself clearly.

My Thai Learning Journey

As for Thai language, I also use italki to practice my conversational Thai with native speakers on italki since I no longer have Thai-speaking environment in Canada. When you reach intermediate level of a language, it is always fun to freely express yourself and keep your language not rusty. I have also met several fun native speakers who are very supportive, encouraging and very easy to talk to.

Below is a screenshot of comments given by my language teachers. I always feel so proud to be able to read their feedback in the language that I am learning. Really cool stuff.

Other Features That I Love


1. Language Exchange Partners

There was also a time that I did not really want to spend too much money on my language learning. That is totally fine, because you are able to find some other learners who are learning your mother tongue. In this case, you can teach a native speaker of the language that you are learning and vice versa. Though you basically do not spend any money on language exchange, you have to pick your partners very carefully. You might need to see if he/she is fully committed to the language exchange. Otherwise, you might end up not having too much progress.

2. Notebook/Answers

Another features that I love are Notebook and Answers. Notebook is a board where you can paste your diary, short passage or composition written by yourself and native speakers will correct them for you free of charge. There are always lots of nice and helpful folks out there. Answers is a board where you can post questions regarding vocabulary, grammar points or any language-related questions. Not only can you get your answers when someone gives you a hand and on top of that it is free of charge. Awesome stuff. In short, it is a big lovely and supportive language learning community

From a Teacher’s Perspective

I had my first student since Oct, 2017 and have not stopped teaching online ever since. I enjoy the moment so much when I see my students make huge progress day by day and months by month and feel a great sense of achievement when I help my students make their own breakthrough on language learning. You give your students a hand and they keep coming back for more progress.

Don’t worry that you are too busy for online teaching. You totally have the final say to decide when you would like to offer your class. You can offer a class after your day job, on your day off or just 30 minutes before your work. You do not have to travel to anywhere at all and you can have students all over the world. So far, I have students from Mexico, America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sweden and Brazil. Pretty cool, isn’t it? And you do not simply teach them languages and culture. Most of the time, you are learning different culture from them as well. Below is a screenshot of comments that I got from my students. They always make me feel so honored to be able to have them as my students.

Give Italki a try and be amazed

Having learned a foreign language for years but does not seem to go anywhere? Feeling excited and wanting to give it a try? Looking forward to speaking to native speakers to learn a foreign language? Or you are a teacher and cannot wait to meet more new students around the world? Italki provides a great platform for language learners and language lovers to enjoy the fun of learning foreign languages. Interested? Give it a try now and you will be amazed by how much fun it can be. Good luck with your language learning journey and have fun. See you all on Italki.

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I am trying to learn a new language and it sounds like this program really helps. Thank you for sharing this info 🙂

Feb 01.2019 | 06:01 pm

    Ben Lo

    It surely does. Simply give it a try and you will see how much fun it brings.

    Feb 01.2019 | 06:11 pm

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