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Are you learning Chinese and you love music a lot? If so, you should try this singing competition program in Taiwan – Jungle Voice. Not only will you be listening to all Chinese speaking conversation but see each singer grow episode after episode. It can also be your opportunity to be exposed to all kinds of Chinese songs. I personally love this program a lot. As the program will be all in Chinese, I believe if you are able to understand it, your Chinese should be at intermediate to advanced level. In this case, I will also write Chinese passage after each English paragraph. So you can practice reading more Chinese as well.


Features – 特色

Each contestant chooses one animal or a plant in a jungle to represent themselves. Say some are giraffes, some are turtles and some are lions. Even the judges choose their own avatar.


Not only can you expect keen competition but also some very touching moment as each contestant gets more familiar with each other but needs to say goodbye to each other as it is a singing competition.


Singers and Songs I Love a Lot so far – 我喜愛的歌手及歌曲

  1. 許莉潔 + 安懂 – 當我回家 (When I Get Home)

2. 張若凡 – 走了嗎 (Is He Gone?)

3. 許一鳴 – 擁抱你 (Hug You)

You can click the links above to see their singing clips. Hope you like them as well. Enjoy the songs.


This is the singing competition in Taiwan that I would like to recommend to you all today. Hope you will find this article useful and interesting. If you have any questions or suggestions, welcome to leave a comment below. See you soon on next article.

以上就是我今天想跟大家介紹的台灣歌唱選秀節目 – 聲林之王,希望能對你們有所幫助。若有任何問題或建議,都歡迎在下方留言給我,下次文章內再見嚕。

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