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Hi readers, today I am going to present you three of my favorite Taiwanese songs. Note that not Chinese songs; it is Taiwanese songs.

Learning Chinese in Taiwan will definitely expose you to some Taiwanese phrases, sentences and culture. Taiwanese songs are a great way to help you know more about Taiwanese culture and phrases. Hope Taiwanese songs touch you as deeply as Chinese songs do.

蘇打綠-無眠 (Sodagreen – 2009)

I fell in love with the melody of this song right away when I first heard this song. Sodagreen has been a very popular band in Taiwan. If you are interested in knowing more about Sodagreen, refer to Wiki for more information about them.


李千那 – 查某囡仔 (李千那 – 2018)

I couldn’t forget the melody after listening to this song for the first time. Lots of emotions come out from her voice. This song basically depicts how women feel when working alone in the north (Taipei, the Capital in Taiwan)


茄子蛋 – 浪子回頭 (茄子蛋 – 2017)

(EggPlantEgg – Back Here Again)

I usually do not like this type of song but this song is different. It has something that touches me. Also, you can see very unique Taiwanese culture (gangster culture) in the music video. If you are curious, check this music video out to learn more.

This song tells about no matter how much ridiculous / bad things that we have done when we were young with our friends. If we can still sit down drinking and smoking together with our spouse and children, that would be good enough.

So what do you think?

These are the three Taiwanese songs that I would like to share today with you. They are three different types of Taiwanese songs but I do enjoy them a lot. Hope you like what I am sharing today. If you are studying Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan, do not forget to pick up some Taiwanese words, phrases or even sentences. Speaking Taiwanese quickly bridges the gap between a foreigner and a Taiwanese.

If you have any ideas or thoughts, do not feel shy. Leave us a comment below. See you next article.


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Interesting post! I love music from all over the world. The way each country has its own style of music alongside with their singer’s voices make it truly magical. Some of my favorites are Spanish, Indian, and Japanese, I’ve recently just started to explore more of the Taiwanese songs and came across your post at the right time! 

Jan 23.2019 | 06:08 pm

    Ben Lo

    Hi Vishanb, exactly. All different kinds of music has its own tastes and characteristics. I personally love Thai love songs as well. Glad that I offer some Taiwanese songs while you are exploring. 

    Jan 23.2019 | 06:40 pm

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