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TOCFL stands for Test of Chinese as a foreign language (華語文能力測驗) and is Taiwan’s Mandarin Chinese proficiency test for non-native speakers of Chinese.

TOCFL 2019 Schedule in Taiwan

Note that you cannot take TOCFL in China, Hong Kong and Macau where only HSK is available for Chinese proficiency test. Not sure what HSK is? Check this post about HSK.

TOCFL Levels

TOCFL can be divided into four bands, Novice, Band A, Band B and Band C. Each band can be further divided into two levels which make it 8 levels in total, Novice 1 and 2 (Novice), level 1-2 (Band A), level 3-4 (Band B) and level 5-6 (Band C).

Number of Test items and Passing Score

The table below shows the number of items in listening and reading section and the corresponding score to pass each level.

TOCFL Level Listening

No. of items

Passing Score Reading

No. of items

Passing Score
Novice 25 Novice 1 Novice 2 25 Novice 1 Novice 2
38 59 39 61
Band A 50 Level 1 Level 2 50 Level 1 Level 2
41 60 42 60
Band B 50 Level 3 Level 4 50 Level 3 Level 4
46 61 48 64
Band C 50 Level 5 Level 6 50 Level 5 Level 6
50 61 52 69

Suggestive Learning Hours and Vocabulary Base

Here is the chart retrieved from TOCFL official website. It shows the suggestive learning hours for learners in both Chinese-speaking area and in a foreign language speaking area and how much vocabulary learners should have to pass the exam.


Estimated CEFR & ACTFL

Again, the graph below was retrieved on TOCFL official website which each level of TOCFL corresponds with CEFR and ACTFL.


The Use of TOCFL Certificate

1. Can be used to apply for scholarship in Taiwan

2. Can be used to apply for academic programs at universities or colleges in Taiwan

3. Can be used as a proof when job-hunting

In short, TOCFL certificate can increase your possibility to be accepted in universities or companies in Taiwan.

Test Registration

If you plan to take TOCFL in 2019, you can register online or find out more information at

Before We Go

The above are some general informational that I would like to share about Chinese language proficiency Test – TOCFL in Taiwan. It is mainly for learners who learn traditional Chinese and learners who have been studying and living in Taiwan for a certain period of time. Hope it helps for you who are interested in taking TOCFL. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Wish you all the best.

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